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30 Jun 2016

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Hello everyone, this can be Mind Warehouse!

Friendship encompasses trust, care, and harmony. Within this video you will observe some amazing, unusual and thrilling

friendships between humans and animals. They are real, beautiful, and show us no boundaries exist between friends. L

et’s have it on!

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4 years ago, Joao Pereira de Souza, 71, found a South American Magellanic penguin covered in oil and starving on the

beach on an island off of the coast of Rio de Janeiro. To get a week he cleaned the creature’s tarred feathers in the shower,

 fed it a regular diet of fish to improve its strength. Then took it to the sea. Nevertheless it wouldn’t leave, instead

stayed with his savior for 11 months; then, soon after it changed his coat with new feathers -disappeared. Since

they met this year, the creature, which normally breeds about the Patagonia coasts of Argentina and Chile, 3 to 5

thousand miles away, has turned into a faithful companion. Everyone stated it wouldn’t return however it has been coming back to

visit its friend within the last four years. It comes to June and leaves to look home in February.

One Canadian family has taken the stanza, “Oh, give me a home, the location where the buffalo roam…” to new levels by adopting a

bison (also known as a buffalo) as a house pet. The 1600 pound, two-year-old Us bison, who goes

from the name Bailey D. Buffalo Jr., is believed to be the world’s largest house pet - and he’s still growing! His

owners, Jim and Linda Sautner of Alberta, Canada, first achieved fame when they presented their first pet buffalo,

Bailey D. Buffalo, for the public. Bailey was in movies, was featured on BBC and CNN, and also met Queen Elizabeth II.

Individuals were amazed with all the impeccable manners of the gentle giant and that he had garnered a large circle of friends before

any sort of accident triggered his tragic death in 2008. The Sautners were deeply saddened through the loss in their beloved pet, so

 whenever a friend offered them the chance to start again with an orphaned newborn bison, they to adopt a chance,

hoping they could develop a relationship such as the one they had distributed to Bailey. To date, Bailey Jr. indicates the

 same docility as his namesake, choosing rides with Mr. Sautner in the sports convertible, making public appearances at

fairs, and going out in the family living room.

A Cambodian boy, Uorn Sambath, has forged an unlikely friendship using a 220-pound python snake. The snake, named

Chamroeun, which means “progress”, crawled into his life like a baby snake seven in years past, when Uorn was just three

months old. Based on his parents, Uorn accustomed to sleep together with the snake in the cradle, and learned to crawl

with him. The neighbors show comprehension and support - snakes are believed to take best of luck. Moreover, this bizarre

bond has turned the happy couple right into a tourist attraction in their remote village. The only issue is nutrition: the python

only eats chicken, about 22 pounds per week, which includes become a considerable financial strain to this family of poor

peasants. Also, nobody can predict what is going to happen once the snake grows a whole lot larger and starts demanding even

more food.

A lot more than Twenty years ago, a five-meter-long crocodile lay severely injured about the bank with the Parasmina River in Costa

Rica after being shot by a farmer. Luckily for your crocodile, a kind local named Chito couldn't bear to allow it die.

Chito rescued Pocho, while he referred to as croc, and nursed him returning to health. He fed him with chicken and fish, sometimes

even chewing the meals to aid the animal swallow it. Nevertheless the best cure of, he says, is love. When Pocho had

regained his strength, Chito took him back along the river to produce him. But Pocho didn't desire to be left out,

and followed Chito home! With permission from your Minister for Environment as well as the aid of a vet, Chito looked after

Pocho for pretty much two decades.As his or her bond strengthened through the years, Chito and Pocho grew to trust one another so

completely they spent hours daily swimming and playing together. At one point they started to perform for

public and attracted incredible amount of holidaymakers with their hometown in C . r .. Every New Year’s Day Chito would

put his head into Pocho’s mouth saying “C’mon, guy, you won’t eat me on such a wedding day!” Unlike what science

understands crocodiles, as well as sound judgment, Pocho was gentle and patient along with his human companion and would even

react to his name when called. A large number of tourists, scientists and animal behavior experts came to see Chito and

Pocho having a good time. After a period of friendship, Pocho died of natural causes this past year on the age of 50.

Polar bears are large, powerful, and intimidating. Their massive bulk, coupled with their extremely sensitive nose,

ensures they are quite threatening to many people. However Mark Dumas, age 60, is able to jump, play, wrestle, and even swim

along with his 16 yr old, 800 pound polar bear Agee. Mark and his awesome wife Dawn have already been training Agee for a long time to stay

high-budget television commercials. She’s very well-behaved and knows how to play with humans without hurting them.


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